Hatch, New Mexico - the world's BEST CHILI/CHILE!
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The Hatch Chile Festival is usually Labor Day weekend.

Why HATCH and Lemitar?

Of all the pepper (chile/chili) centers in the world, Hatch, New Mexico, stands the tallest.  Hatch's plant breeders and botanists are most unique.  And of late, so are the growers in Lemiat as most New Mexican/s know.

Hatch is widely known as the designer chile/chili headquarters because Mesilla Valley farmers are constantly developing new breeds and various tastes to satisfy a steady throng of new converts.

They tailor-make chilis, which are then introduced to the locals and consumers from all over the US and many, many countries around the world like NEW car models via e-commerce and the internet. 

Here in New Mexico, many say just by tasting a chili/chile  pod they can tell whether the pepper was grown North, or South of Interstate 40 (formerly US Route 66), which runs from East toward Texas and West toward Arizona.  Believe it or not, that little rule also holds true for South and North Korea. 

One more intriguing fact is that Thai's eat more peppers than any other people in the world (an average of 5 grams per person daily in Thailand) but residents in the US Southwest are closing the gap quickly. 

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Updated last on 10/07/2021

Hatch, New Mexico - the Chili/Chile capital of the world!

Hatch is located 37 miles north of Las Cruces via I-25. The northernmost incorporated community in Doņa Ana County, the Village of Hatch is home to some 1,673 residents, many of whom work in the fertile fields of the surrounding Hatch Valley. The area produces the world famous Hatch chile and is home to the annual Hatch Chile Festival, which draws thousands to the village. Hatch is located just west of the banks of the Rio Grande River.

In the Hatch valley, our green chile harvest begins around July 25 and continues through the red chile harvest or up through the first frost of the year.

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The HATCH magic is in the soil....
Preparing the fields in Hatch, oe maybe Lemitar, New Mexico.